Monday, September 10, 2012

Spotlight: Ann Marie Giannino-Otis

Our event is just days away, and we are still hoping for more golfers - - there's three ways to register:

1. Sign up online via our Official Event Page and then send your two checks to the address below. 

2. Contact me via email at to request registration forms - I'll be happy to email you a copy, which you can print and mail to the address below. 

3. Contact me via email with the names of your four players, a contact phone number and email address, and I will "register" you. 


Please mail registration forms/checks to:

Nicole Chenet
3075 Amberlea Lane
Baldwinsville, NY 13027

Cancer Fighter Spotlight

I want to share with you another great blog, written by a local cancer fighter named Ann Marie Giannino-Otis. Ann Marie has been documenting her battle with breast cancer on her blog, Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer. Warning: Ann Marie's blog contains adult language and photos of her breast reconstruction. 

Ann Marie's blog is candid, brave and "tells it like it is." She is not afraid to share exactly how she is feeling in the moment, and she has decided to have a professional photographer document every doctor's visit - giving us a really incredible glimpse into the life of a breast cancer patient undergoing reconstruction and treatment. Ann Marie was kind enough to give our website a shout-out on her Facebook page, so I wanted to return the favor. 

On Sunday, October 21st there will be a showing of Ann Marie's photos, taken by photographer Genevieve Fridley, at Pascale's Restaurant in Fayetteville. To RSVP, visit the event page on Facebook. The photos are beautiful and provide a perspective of breast cancer that most of us do not see. When I talk about how brave the women are who enter my office weekly [sometimes more] to visit the doctor and go through the breast reconstruction process, this is what I am talking about! 

Thank you to Ann Marie for promoting our event in September, and for being brave enough to share her journey candidly, without regrets or apologies, on her blog and in photos. Ann Marie will also be on Bridge Street this week - check her out! 

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  1. Thanks Nicole! It's not the images that everyone wants to see but it's a reality for me and many other. Your support and fight against stupid dumb breast cancer is fantastic. Way to use your actions not just ask:)