Wednesday, April 24, 2013

3rd Annual Rally for the Cure/Traci Morey Zimmer Memorial Golf Tournament


2013 marks the third year of the Rally for the Cure CNY/Traci Morey Zimmer Memorial Golf Tournament.

This year, our event will be held on Friday, August 16th at Radisson Greens Golf Course.

We have a new website for the event and for the TMZ Memorial Fund:

Please bookmark this new site, as this will be the new online "home base" for the event. I will continue to update this site on occasion.

We also have an increased social media presence. We're on Facebook, at, and on Twitter, at

There is also a LinkedIn group for the event.

Our fundraising goal in 2013 is $10,000. Based on some preliminary email discussions, the "committee" believes that this is a lofty, but reachable goal, and we're ready to start fundraising!

Please head over to for the latest news and information about the tournament.

If you are interested in donating, becoming a sponsor, or registering for the event, please contact me.

Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to seeing you on August 16th!


Monday, September 10, 2012

Spotlight: Ann Marie Giannino-Otis

Our event is just days away, and we are still hoping for more golfers - - there's three ways to register:

1. Sign up online via our Official Event Page and then send your two checks to the address below. 

2. Contact me via email at to request registration forms - I'll be happy to email you a copy, which you can print and mail to the address below. 

3. Contact me via email with the names of your four players, a contact phone number and email address, and I will "register" you. 


Please mail registration forms/checks to:

Nicole Chenet
3075 Amberlea Lane
Baldwinsville, NY 13027

Cancer Fighter Spotlight

I want to share with you another great blog, written by a local cancer fighter named Ann Marie Giannino-Otis. Ann Marie has been documenting her battle with breast cancer on her blog, Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer. Warning: Ann Marie's blog contains adult language and photos of her breast reconstruction. 

Ann Marie's blog is candid, brave and "tells it like it is." She is not afraid to share exactly how she is feeling in the moment, and she has decided to have a professional photographer document every doctor's visit - giving us a really incredible glimpse into the life of a breast cancer patient undergoing reconstruction and treatment. Ann Marie was kind enough to give our website a shout-out on her Facebook page, so I wanted to return the favor. 

On Sunday, October 21st there will be a showing of Ann Marie's photos, taken by photographer Genevieve Fridley, at Pascale's Restaurant in Fayetteville. To RSVP, visit the event page on Facebook. The photos are beautiful and provide a perspective of breast cancer that most of us do not see. When I talk about how brave the women are who enter my office weekly [sometimes more] to visit the doctor and go through the breast reconstruction process, this is what I am talking about! 

Thank you to Ann Marie for promoting our event in September, and for being brave enough to share her journey candidly, without regrets or apologies, on her blog and in photos. Ann Marie will also be on Bridge Street this week - check her out! 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We're Hot Pink!

With just 18 days to go until this year's event, I wanted to update you all on what's been happening.

Today I received word that Highway Rehab Corp. will be a sponsor this year at the Hot Pink level! They have supported us two years in a row and I could not be more thrilled. For those of you considering it, here's a refresher on our three levels of sponosorship:

Cure Crusader Level: includes two foursomes, two hole sponsorship signs, and special recognition at the reception - $1,000 [a value of $1,100]

Hot Pink Level - includes one foursome, one hole sponsorship sign and special recognition at the reception - $550 

Rally All-Star Level - includes one two-some and special recognition at the reception - $250

Sponsorship is a great way to support our cause and it's an excellent opportunity to advertise your business with hole sponsorship and special recognition signs on the course and at the reception. It's also an awesome way to get your employees involved, if you are a company opting to become a sponsor, because the cost of golf is included in your donation.

We have collected some great prize items for our "Chinese Auction" - including gorgeous homemade pottery, pink golf balls, an autographed football, gift certificates, books, DVDs, jewelry and more.

What we need now are GOLFERS! 

Last year, the majority of our participants registered at the last minute, so I am hoping that this will be the case this year, too. The sooner, the better, though, so for those who are unsure of how to register this year - -

1. Visit our Official Event Page and click on the pink "Sign Up For This Event" button.
2. Write two checks: the first for $20 made out to Rally for the Cure, and the second for $80 made out to Nicole E. Chenet.
3. Mail your checks to:

Nicole E. Chenet
3075 Amberlea Lane
Baldwinsville, NY 13027

Registration will be considered complete and final upon receipt of your checks. If registering online isn't your thing, I'll be happy to email registration forms that can be printed, filled out and mailed along with your checks.

We would like to avoid registering players on the day of the event, but we won't turn you away if you decide to join us at the last minute!

Last year we had about 45 golfers, and the goal this year is 60.

We also welcome people who only wish to attend the reception. It's $40 for food, beverages and the chance to participate in our auction. Please mail a check in the amount of $40 [made out to Nicole E. Chenet] to the address above.

I also want to remind everyone that, this year, Dixon Golf will be hosting their "Dixon Challenge" on one of the Par 3 holes. For $10, participants can sign up and take the challenge, and will receive prizes worth up to $200 just for participating! Dixon Golf will also be donating a portion of their proceeds to our cause. AND - - they will be allowing us to select one special golfer to receive special recognition and PRIZES on tournament day, and their picture on the Dixon Golf website! I am still deciding how we will choose this "special golfer..." - suggestions are welcome.

Please consider joining us this year!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sponsors & More

I woke up to an inbox full of great emails today -

The first from Marc at Chemung Supply, who told me that they'll be sponsoring our beverage cart this year. How exciting is that? We did not have a beverage cart sponsor last year and so this is an excellent addition to the second annual event. Their company logo will be displayed on the beverage cart and at the reception following the tournament. For additional sponsorship opportunities, visit the Hole Sponsorship page.

I also received word from Don Higgins, the Highway Superintendent from Livingston County, that he and his family will be donating a piece of handmade pottery made by his wife or daughter for our Chinese Auction. I also have my talented co-worker, Amy TenEyck, working on a handmade piece of jewelry to be auctioned off - so far, our auction items are looking pretty good! I am so appreciative of any and all donations. The more items we have to auction off, the more money we will be able to raise.

In addition, the local territory rep from Dixon Golf contacted me with an offer that's almost too good to be true. They will be "sponsoring" our event and conducting the "Dixon Challenge" on one of the par 3 holes. More information to follow, but those who participate in the challenge will receive prizes, coupons, and more, and Dixon Golf will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the challenge to our cause. Stay tuned for more information about the Dixon Challenge, as well as the other mini-challenges we will be having at the event.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about the tournament in general, or regarding sponsorship opportunities.THANK YOU to those who have already donated and are willing to become sponors.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Almost a Month Away!

We're just about a month away from the golf tournament, and although registration has really just begun, I am hoping to generate as much buzz as possible about the event - we had less than 50 golfers last year - not too shabby for the first annual! - but obviously, the more golfers that we register this year, the more money we raise!

So, here's my list of top ten reasons why you should join us on September 22nd, a la Dave Letterman:

10.  It's an excellent excuse for guys to wear pink- no one can pick on you, because you're wearing pink for a good cause! 

9. You don't want to miss out on an opportunity to play at Radisson - one of the most challenging courses in CNY. It's also GORGEOUS in early Fall! 

8. There will be a big, cold keg of beer outside the clubhouse for your enjoyment - not to mention beer on ice inside during the reception. Beer, golf, and charity go great together! 

7. There will be goody bags for every participant - I've never met anyone who didn't like free stuff! 

6. We'll be serving delicious food - people raved about the menu last year! We're bringing back the marinated chicken skewers, the coconut shrimp, Mrs. Chenet's sugar cookies, and of course, the biggest  half-chocolate-half-vanilla cake you've ever laid eyes on, courtesy of Gloria Morey. 

5. $20 from your registration fee will go directly to Rally for the Cure (R), an off-shoot of Susan G. Komen for the Cure (R) - and all of our funds stay local, to benefit women and families here in Central NY. We raised $900 last year!

4. You'll be supporting the Traci Morey Zimmer Memorial Fund - to learn more about Traci, check out A Beautiful Life: Traci Morey Zimmer

3. One in 3 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer - by joining us on September 22nd, you will be showing our community that you are committed to raising awareness of this disease. 

2. It's an opportunity to celebrate women in your life - the women who have survived, and those who fought bravely with determination and grace but succumbed to the disease. To commemorate someone special in your life, please consider becoming a hole sponsor

...and the number one reason to join us on September 22nd?

1. Raising money for organizations like Rally for the Cure (R) and the Traci Morey Zimmer Memorial Fund have a direct impact on YOUR community - whether you're a woman living in Central NY who is dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis or you live in the Pulaski area and are able to see firsthand how funds raised in Traci's memory are enhancing the community, the money we raise on September 22nd stay local. Unlike a donation to a national organization, you'll actually be able to see and experience the impact that your registration fee will have in the CNY area. 

The goal this week is to encourage people to register! If you're interested, please go to our official event page to sign up. 

Remember: $100 for a day of golf + beer + finger foods at the reception + a free subscription to a Conde Nast magazine of your choice + a goody bag + the opportunity to win prizes/bid on awesome auction items! 

Next week - - > gathering items for our "Chinese Auction." 

THANK YOU in advance for your support of our event. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Registration is OPEN!

We are now accepting registration for the September 22nd golf tournament!

This year, please register online via our official event page if at all possible. It's easy - click on the pink "Sign up for this event" button and complete the registration.

Registration will not be complete until we receive your registration fee:

$20 check made out to Rally for the Cure with our event ID # in the memo line - 52764

$80 check made out to Nicole E. Chenet 

Please mail checks to:

Nicole E. Chenet
3075 Amberlea Lane
Baldwinsville, NY 13027

*Please indicate that you have completed online registration by including a note with your registration fee - this way we can make sure your online registration was successful, and contact you if there were any problems*

Those only looking to attend the reception following the tournament can register by sending a $40 check made out to Nicole E. Chenet.

If you require a paper registration form, please contact us via email at We will be happy to email a copy for you to print, complete and mail back along with your two checks.

Feel free to email us if you are having difficulty completing online registration!

Sneak Peek...

Anyone recognize this guy?

It's Sione Pouha, #91, of the New York Jets! 
He was gracious enough to sign a football for our auction and take this photo.
Not to mention he was the kindest, funniest "celebrity" I've met. 
If you're a Jets fan (or an NFL fan in general!) you're going to want to bid on this football!

Other items for the Chinese Auction include a $25 gift card from Sweet On Chocolate in Armory Square and an awesome pair of ladies Ecco golf shoes, courtesy of Dr. & Mrs. Gregory Baum.

We absolutely need additional auction items so PLEASE contact us if you are willing to donate. 

See you soon, and don't forget to register! 

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Clock is Ticking...

Tomorrow is August 1st, and that means that we are just 53 days shy of the 2nd Annual Rally for the Cure (R)/Traci Morey Zimmer Memorial Golf Tournament!

Registration forms have been completed and are now available to those who prefer paper registration as opposed to registering online via our Event Webpage. Ideally, everyone would sign up online, but we realize that sometimes it's just easier to fill out a paper form and mail it back with payment. Just a reminder: it's $100 to participate - - please write out a $20 check to Rally for the Cure with our event ID # 52764 in the memo line, and a check for the remaining $80 made out to Nicole E. Chenet. So, that's two checks, one for $20 and a second for the remaining $80. If you're planning on skipping golf but coming for the cocktail reception following the tournament, it will be $40 to attend.

Let's talk sponsorship!

We are offering a few options for individuals and companies interested in sponsorship opportunities:

We are offering three levels of sponsorship:

Cure Crusader Level: $1000, includes two (2) foursomes, two (2) hole sponsorship signs, and special recognition on a sign at the cocktail reception (a value of $1100!)

Hot Pink Level: $550, includes one (1) foursome, one (1) hole sponsorship sign, and special recognition at the cocktail reception (a value of $600!)

Rally All-Star Level: $250, includes one (1) two-some and special recognition at the cocktail reception (a value of $300!)

Additional Sponsorship Opportunities:

Beverage Cart Sponsorship: $1000. Your desired information will be featured on the beverage cart.

Scoreboard Sponsorship: $500. Please indicate information you want featured on scoreboard.

Cart Sponsorship: $500. We will display your desired information on participant

We are offering three types of hole sponsorship:

"In Memory Of..." Sponsorship: for those who wish to memorialize someone who has succumbed to breast cancer.  $100.
"Survivor" Sponsorship: to recognize a breast cancer survivor. $100.

Individual/Corporate Sponsorship: for individuals or businesses. $100.

Those interested in becoming a sponsor can contact Nicole Chenet at 
This year, we are really pushing for a Beverage Cart Sponsor and even more "In Memory Of..." Hole Sponsors. Sponsorship has a number of benefits:
It's an incredible way to support the Traci Morey Zimmer Memorial Fund.
It's an opportunity for local businesses to become involved in a community event!
It's GREAT advertising! 
It allows you to honor a loved one who has battled breast cancer. 
It helps our committee to offset some of our costs. 

Who Wants a Prize?
We will again be awarding prizes for the following at our cocktail reception: top three foursomes, men and ladies longest drive and closest to the pin, and "Best Dressed Foursome." Rally for the Cure provides us with some prizes but we absolutely need additional prizes - to donate a prize item, please contact Nicole at 
We will also be having a Chinese Auction. Instead of a silent auction, where you write down your bid, we'll be selling raffle tickets to those in attendance. To bid on an item, you'll drop your raffle tickets into a bowl corresponding with your desired prize item. We'll then mix up the tickets and draw a winner! We had an incredibly successful Chinese Auction at a fundraiser for Traci, and we are hoping to do it again this year. Of course, we need items for the auction, and are soliciting donations from businesses in the Pulaski and Baldwinsville area. We'll be sending out more information to over 150 businesses in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, if you know of a local business (or individual) who is willing to donate an item for our auction, please contact Nicole at 
Make a Difference!
We had a group of awesome volunteers last year, and we're hoping they'll return again in 2012 to help us out, but we could definitely use a few additional hands to assist us! To volunteer, please contact Nicole. It's a great idea for local sports teams and other groups! 
Get Registered! 
Registration is OPEN online, so head over to our Event Webpage and click the pink "Sign Up For This Event" button to get started!